Dear Stranger

Today stranger, I want to tell you that even though we do not know each other well, I need you to know that you are worthy. It’s common for tumblees (tumblr users) to send cute little messages informing others of their extraordinary beauty. I won’t be one of them. Instead I’ll exceed those norms. I hope you find someone that uplifts you above the horizons of life and loves you as though his/her breath never differed from your own. I hope you find happiness of your own before finding that significant other. I hope you find that happiness within yourself by discovering your innate skills and passions. Tonight I remembered these hopes of mine, these hopes that I have for you as well…So stranger, my motto in life is to diffuse all the negativity with a ¬†spontaneity lifestyle, with daily humor nourishment, and positive productivity. I don’t know you. I may never meet you, but I wish the best for you.¬†