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I can’t figure out what you smell of tonight.
When you heave your body to face mine,
Stretching like a cat in the sun and smiling as you dream,
I can smell warmth.
Hot milk,
Toast and butter,
Dinner on the back steps as the sun sets.
That scent that follows you when you feel homesick for a place you’ve not visited yet,
The smell of early nights when the sun is still seeping through the curtains.
If I kissed your shoulder,
I would taste the salty mixture of tears and the sea
And the chips that you ate in bed earlier,
Kissing me between each one.
You are sweet and savoury, and you taste and smell and sound like home.
I’m trying to breathe it in
So I am never homesick again.

FRS. (via lilith-not-eve)

I’m going to take the smell of her cooking to the grave,
As well as the way she curls her hips as she stirs,
And winks at me.
I’m going to steal the way she makes love in the mornings before work,
Or on a Sunday morning,
With a heart heavy with sleep, limbs heavy with lust.
I don’t want anyone else to know the way she scowls in her sleep,
Or shouts out ‘FUCK OFF’ when she can’t do up her shoes.
I don’t want to give the world the taste off her tears when she kisses me with resigned anger,
Because the world is too wrinkled and spoilt and her head hurts too much to hold.
I’m going to stain her on my skin,
With a tan on my ring finger that spells ‘hers’,
And a scar above my knee from when we laughed so hard we fell out of bed
But into love
Night after night.
I want her in the messy incomplete sentences of comfort,
Not in the way she presents herself
To everyone else.

FRS. (via lilith-not-eve)

You are dirty laundry,
Uneaten crusts,
Crinkled sheets.
You are the cracks in the walls,
That groaning floorboard under my feet.
You are 4am birdsong and 7pm cups of tea,
And you bring home the smell of rain so that it wraps around me,
And your skin tastes like bonfires
Your hair smells of sleep,
You’re the ache in my back and the pebbles that I keep.
You’re the daily reminders of what makes up home,
And it all comes back to you
No matter how far I roam.

FRS. (via lilith-not-eve)

Relationship Check Up


A healthy relationship means that both members of the couple are…

1. Communicating with each other: Talking about problems without screaming and shouting; listening to each other, and respecting their viewpoint; being willing to adapt and to sometimes change their mind.

2. Showing respect for…